26 foreigners arrested for Covid banning alcohol – Black Mail?

The young blonde girl desperately tries to hide her face from the camera. She is one of 14 girls who are being loaded onto a truck like a herd of cattle. A total of 60 people, including 26 foreigners, were arrested. What happened?

In Cambodia there is an alcohol ban until September 9, 2021. That makes sense to curb the spread of Covid, because Cambodians are one partying, drinking people. Whether the Corona crisis center is in one of the small bars in the tourist corner is questionable. Entry was only allowed with a vaccination and mask.

Live images on a Facebook channel, with the substance of a laptop, camera & microphone, with a police presence as if one had dug the largest drug ring. There is no doubt that the celebrants are guilty of an administrative offense. Anyone who sees the magnificent staging and knows Cambodia, knows that something is wrong here. Cambodia’s police are known to crank up Showtime when it stinks again.

TVFB – The Facebook TV – has already been conspired with a strange staging in the case of Dr. Cressy. Me cop – you Facebook TV – make it look good. The Blue Chilli Bar is a gay and lesbian meeting place. We’ll go in there with the camera, if you’re already hiding under your shirt, how will your wallet open up .. Who is really celebrating here at the moment?

The officer and Mr. Facebook TV

Remember, the arrested guests come from countries that have so far paid billions into the country. You could have just sent them home. In 2018, 10 tourists were arrested, remained in prison for up to a year and were allowed to leave after paying around $ 35,000 in ransom. On their Facebook page they could be seen at a pool party in a private villa with lewd dance moves. The photos were three years old, but when an officer needs a new car ..

According to previously unconfirmed reports, three women from the UK embassy are said to be among the detainees. Why did „Facebook TV“ and the police choose this exact location for the staging? There was enough choice.

The Cambodian Police will in any case take your motorbike or car

The crew of an oil tanker from a controversial oil deal between Cambodia and Singapore are also currently in custody and should actually only be hostages. Cambodia is becoming more and more dangerous for foreigners. Please keep away for a long time.