Prey Sar Leaks – Update 2

Prey Sar Concentration Camp – HR Violation

2016 – Cambodia’s High-Security Prison Prey Sar.
Build for 1.800 inmates, occupied with 4.000.
Only the Red Cross is allowed to enter the prison every 3 months
under restriction.
We got some hidden footage out.
About 40 minutes raw. 16:9 HD with Audio. About 20 minutes usable.

We ask German Embassy to bring Olaf a pillow ($5). Here is their answer. (He got one from us)

Update 30.11.2020
We received the information that this video is blocked by Youtube Cambodia. If you cant access this video in your country you can download it now here: Prey Sar Leaks

Update – 02. May 2019
Special Rapporteur of United Nations Human Rights to Cambodia, Rhona Smith, send us a message to investigate our Prey Sar Leaks hidden footage. The above man, Austrian Olaf Achleitner, died of malnutrition at 01.March 2016. German Embassy refused medical care for him, which was even demanded by Prey Sar Officials. These are seven westerners who died under suspicious circumstances in Prey Sar between 2014 and 2018. All of them are victims of the APLE and ECAPT scam after they have been ripped off completely. Olaf lost about 60.000 USD after false promises of a release. Note, the average number of western inmates in Prey Sar is just 20-30. We will take Mr. Samleang Seila, head of the APLE money laundering and fraud scheme accountable.

Samleang Seila:
Money laundering, fraud and corruption

>> Criminal Procedure Code of Kingdom of Cambodia (PDF)
>> An Open Letter and Warning about doing business in Cambodia

Famous journalist James Ricketson reports about the torture games in Cambodians prison and the similarity of Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler.


Beware of this scammer team