Cambodian Media dangerous for foreigners

Photos of individuals in Cambodians media

Thousands of foreigners worldwide may face trouble with the local judiciary for various reasons. Some may be involved in major crimes, and some just stranded somewhere in an unlucky situation. In Cambodia, you may find yourselves as a victim of a scam – the main business in this country. „Unsafe justice“ would be flattered. USA, EU, and Australia walked away from this country – In no way, they can deal with them anymore.

It is enough if someone just points their finger at you and you are guilty. It is a „he said – she said“ justice full of contradictions, and the media will present your face and your story worldwide with „he said – she said“ but not with the contradiction. It’s just another scam. At least for Cambodians, the media there want to comply with the minimum standard of journalistic codes of ethics and blacken their faces, but not for foreigners.

You are cash baby.

Even a Cambodian mass murder barely won’t make it to the world media, but your face as a foreigner can be sold. 20 grams of Marijuana can be enough. Of course, your passport will go with it uncensored. There are two ideas behind:
The western world gave the Cambodian judiciary an ugly face, now they will give you an ugly face. Worldwide in front of billions with your full name – because „he said“. Cambodians don’t care that you are not part of politics. They cant look over the fence but they use the internet. What a risk for you. But there are other solutions. Cash. We contact the Phnom Penh Post and prove that they are producing fake defaming news. That they violate minimum journalistic codes and violate human rights. Joshua from Phnom Penh Post wrote to us „We will keep it as a journalistic historical record.“ Furthermore, Joshua wrote to us that only a court decision can remove their articles. A clear statement who owns them. We took a lawyer to follow up with it and his statement was also crystal clear: Pay them. No wonder that Phnom Penh Post and others are regular under DDOS attack.

The legal situation is also crystal clear. What is printed in the local print edition no longer interests anyone who has left the country. However, when it comes online worldwide, the justice of your home country applies. Since articles can also be read in your home country, the judiciary regards this as a „crime scene“. You simply file a lawsuit against them at your local court and go to their provider with the verdict. They are mainly located in the USA, Europe etc. Web hosts do not remove individual articles. They remove all of the content. By court order and international legal agreements with a functioning judiciary. It is on the way…

Westerners beware of Cambodia!
Unsafe judiciary, Officials involved in scam
s and dangerous media.

Complains about Cambodians Justice in the EU Parliament – they don’t care.

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